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The Kookaburra Game - Almost as good as a holiday in Australia - The Kookaburra Game - Almost as good as a holiday in Australia

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The Kookaburra Game congratulates the Kookaburras, the Australian
grass-hockey team for their Gold medal in the Athens Olympics.
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The Kookaburra Game - Almost as good as a holiday in Australia ! The Kookaburra Game - Almost as good as a holiday in Australia !

Aboriginal Artwork by famous artist Darren Ritchie

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The Australian board game with real animals figurines !

The Kookaburra The Kangaroo The Koala The Platypus The Crocodile Click here to order
  Summary of the Rules:  

The aim of the game is to race your 5 Australian animals around the bush and return them home safely as quickly as possible. The first player to do this is the winner !
Each player throws 2 dice on his/her turn.

The Animal Rules:

bullet The Koala can only stop on a Eucalyptus (gum) leaf
bullet The Platypus can take a short cut by swimming through the river
bullet The Kangaroo can carry another animal in its pouch when hopping around
bullet The Crocodile can eat any other animal that must then go back home and start again
bulletIf a Croc try to eat another Croc this makes a Croc fight !
bullet The Kookaburra can fly anywhere to rescue other animals (by sitting next to another animal so it cannot be eaten by a croc)
bullet The Kookaburra must be the last animal to go back home where he laughs loudly because he has won!

Insider Tip: Beware the crocs !!

Complete English, Japanese, French, German, Spanish, Danish, Swedish, Greek and Italian rules inside the box

Now rules also available in Dutch, Norwegian and Finnish

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