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The Kookaburras, the grass-hockey team won the Gold Medal at the Athens Olympics on the
24th of August on Day 14 of the Games.
They played against the defendant Olympic champion, the Netherlands
That is the first time ever that Kookaburras win Gold in this Olympic event even if they have
tried hard before. Indeed in Sydney in the year 2000 they scored a bronze medal.
Back in 1986, they won the World Cup hosted in England.
They also won the Commonwealth Games both in 1998 and in 2002.

The Kookaburra Game would like to congratulates the Kookaburras for this brilliant win.



Australia Day 26th January 2005
Our kangaroo was very lucky and proud to meet the Kookaburras, or rather three members of this brilliant Australian grass-hockey team that won the Gold
medal in Athens at the Olympic games in 2004. He met them on Australia Day 2005 in Parramatta Park.
He gave them a Kookaburra Game each, and they loved it !
Here two photos of the event. Take a good look on the chest of our kangaroo: he is wearing THE OLYMPIC GOLD GOLD MEDAL !!

From Left to Right: Michael McCann, Brent Livermore, Kangaroo and Stephen Mowlam. On the photo
on the right, Michael McCann proudly showing his Kookaburra Game.


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