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We are the inventors and manufacturers of  the perfect souvenir from Australia that is also a great board game are we are looking to see  more and more shops selling the Kookaburra Game.
Please read below:

itís a fun family board game and itís a souvenir
itís a souvenir and itís a fun family board game
easy on your shelves (small package)
easy to pack for travellers (small package, only 450 grammes)
the whole of Australia in one souvenir:
koalas, kangaroos, platypuses, crocodiles and Ö Kookaburras (20 animals altogether)
one side is cartoony and depict the Australian bush with plenty of Australian icons (perfect for kids)
the other side is an aboriginal artwork from famous artist Darren Ritchie (perfect for tourists)
self-proclaimed Ďbest souvenir of the decade J í


To every shop we give a free DISPLAY GAME that is a game board with animals bolted on it And we can provide you with A3 POSTERS to put in your shop
Kookaburra Game display available. Sure to boost sales !  

Our Kookaburra Game has two markets

  • the Tourist market
  • the Game market

In Australia we sell not only in games shops but also in tourist shops because of its uniqueness, the cuteness of its 5 Australian animals, its aboriginal artwork on the game board and the size of the box, so handy to put in aunties hand-luggage before leaving Australia.
Overseas, we believe that the uniqueness of our game will do well in your game shop

The Kookaburra Game retails for AUD $34.95 and we think it is great value. 

Interested ?

Contact us at , fax us on (02) 9804 0901 or write to us to:
The Kookaburra Game
Po box 208
West Ryde NSW 2114

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