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Our (interesting) links to board games sites, Australian animals sites, etc....

Check them out !

Is that a board game or a puzzle ?
Actually,  it's both !


Unique Australian Animals A brilliant website with lots of photos
about Australian animals group discussing board game design group discussing board games tell us about your boardgame ! A very funny site about a war between a platypus (GOB) and a hippopotamus (in french)

A site tres marrant à propos d'une guerre entre un ornithorynque appelé GOB et un hippopotame (en francais) some fun puzzles with kookaburras and other Australian animals One of the best Didjeridoo players in Australia. He is featured in the Learn CD-ROM sold in Germany.

Discover his web-site.

Little termite playing didjeridoo ... get it ?

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Offering direct sources to high quality games and gaming consoles that promote learning, fun, and family togetherness.  a web portal with ten types of search
  If you speak Dutch and like boardgames or card games, you gotta to visit these sites !

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