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June 2005   The Kookaburra Balloon dancing to the sound of music, Australian Spirit shop in Lausanne (Switzerland),  

March 2005   Princess Mary of Denmark receives her very copy of the Kookaburra Game

January 2004    The Kookaburra Game celebrates Australia Day 2005

September 2004    The Kookaburras, the grass-hockey team, wins GOLD at the Athens Olympics !

June 2004   Never seen before: the crying Kookaburra !

November 2004   The Essen report - a view from the other side of the counter !

December 2003   The making of a kangaroo costume !


We publish (almost) every month - about 10 times per year - sorry in English only -
The Newsletter contains news from the Kookaburra Game, photos from Australia, Australian animals,
drawing, texts, etc... We try to keep it entertaining,
for example we promise we will not talk about boring Australian politics !

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