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 June 2005

Dear all,

This is the Kookaburra Game Newsletter for the month of June 2005.

The Kookaburra Game went to Canowindra in country NSW recently where our favourite hot air balloon, the Kookaburra Balloon
was the star of the show.

At night, the dance of the balloon (illumination of the balloons on the rhythm of the music) was absolutely fantastic !

Click to know more !

Some cheeky boy caught a sleepy Kookaburra who doesn’t seem to mind at all ! When released a bit later,
he just hopped onto the next fence pole !

The Kookaburra Game has now reached the French part of Switzerland !
The shop Australian Spirit Boutique in Rue du Petit Ch
êne 27 - 1003 Lausanne
(just a throw of boomerang away from Lausanne train station)
is now selling the Kookaburra Game in its English/Australian version

At the Australian Spirit Boutique you will also find Aboriginal Artworks, boomerangs, jackets, books about Australia, guides,
cosmetic products based on Emu oil, and of course lots of Didjeridoos including the one for you.
And they can also teach how to play the didj !

Note that they also own Australia Dream Space in Lutry near Lausanne, where they regularly exhibit artworks
from the very best artists of Australia.

So whether you want to buy something (like a Kookaburra Game - just a thought) or simply enjoy a sight of great aboriginal artworks, go
to the Australian Spirit Boutique in Lausanne or to the Australia Dream Space in Lutry.  For a start make sure to visit their web-site

Please also note that the Kookaburra Spiel (auf Deutsch) distributed by our favourite distributor Californian Products ( )
is available in many places in Germany and will come to the German part of
Switzerland real soon (definitely before Christmas)

And also, do you like the Kookaburra Game ? Probably because you receive this newsletter ! 
Then please tell the world !

Please go to  . You may have to create a user idea and then you can give a rating and
comment for the game. Avoid 10/10 (the maximum) it doesn’t sound real !


If you bought the Kookaburra Game without the CD-ROM ‘beautiful Australia’,
(learn more about the CD at )
(the CD has been developed only last year for the German market), you can now order the CD only by going to:

And finally we are working on the version 2 of the CD-ROM ‘Beautiful Australia’ so if you have some brilliant photos or videos
of Australian landscapes or animals, send them in !


See you next time !


Ps: If you don’t want to receive this newsletter anymore :-( , reply to it with 'remove' in the subject

The Kookaburra Game – Almost as good as a holiday in Australia





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