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Essen 2004

We came to Essen in October 2004 to help out our general distributor for Europe, Californian Products.
One more time, the Kookaburra Game proved a success lots of people (kids and grown up) playing and buying the game.

Germany loves the Kookaburra Game and the Kookaburra Game loves Germany !

Tow major players in the success of the Kookaburra Spiel in Essen this year: Sandrine and Melanie

Our kangaroo plays hide-and-seek

The german Didjeridoo group 'Superroo' came to play at our stall. Lots of people stopped to listen to the 'magic music of Australia'

Namely Klaus und Helmut

The football scores seems to interest these people more than any boardgame !

A family enjoying playing the Kookaburra Spiel

Our kangaroo makes friends..

Our stand was always very busy..

Sandrine draw crowds explaining the game

This year came a koala to help out our kangaroo

Someone very interested in our game at Karstadt stand in halle 10.

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