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In February 2004 The Kookaburra Game went to Nuremberg / Nürnberg for the Toy fair 2004

with our importer for Europe
Californian Products



We had a big hit with Television, two of them came and film the Kookaburra Game - the game with Australian animals !
And what a surprise: when driving to the Fair by car on Monday morning we heard on the radio "And if you're going to the Fair, don't miss the stand of the Kookaburra Game, a great new game from Australia !"

The Show was a big success. Many importers and distributors saw our game and are now working
out the details of making the Kookaburra Game an international success.

Here are a few pictures of the show

During the Press conference Radio Carivari interviews Thomas Fentrop about the Kookaburra Game.

TV Bayerishe Rundfunk comes to do some filming

More TV ! This time it's for television channel BR and 3SAT (german free-to-air TV). They will spend more than one hour filming for 1 minute on air !

ready - set - go ... shhhh... we're filming !

Melanie dresses up for television ...

From the sun of Australia to the snow of Nuremberg our kangaroo is cool ! We took him outside for a walk and ...

...when they saw it many people come to take a picture with it.

young and old...

proud Australian in front of the Spielwaren Messe

Claudia explains the game

Part of Hall 11 seen from above

A photographer from the organisation of the fair came to ask for a photo in front of Fair banner saying 'Good Bye and see you in 2005'

Girls love our kangaroo and our kangaroo (Patrick here) loves them too !!

The complete Nuremberg 2004 Kookaburra Game team

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